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Robotic Myomectomy Surgery

daVinci Myomectomy Surgery is a surgical removal of fibroid tumors

while leaving the uterus in place using the DaVinci Platform.

Following a resection of uterine fibroids, the uterine wall needs

to be repaired in multiple layers. An adequate repair is required

to preserve the integrity of all uterine walls and prevent a potential

rupture of the uterus, which is especially important in women who

desire future pregnancies.The procedure may be performed using

different techniques depending on the size, localization and number

of fibroids. One of the most recent is daVinci (robotic) myomectomy surgery.

At our offices located in Chicago we provide comprehensive, diligent, and up to date gynecological and surgical services to women of all ages.We utilize the latest technology to enable our patients the best possible treatment outcomes including daVinci Myomectomy Surgery,
daVinci Hysterectomy and non surgical Fibroids Management.Our team has made a life mission of successfully treating all women in our practice throughout many stages of their lives.We believe that every woman should “feel good” every day and work closely with every patient to ensure these results.

daVinci Myomectomy

daVinci Myomectomy Surgery, Removal of uterine fibroids using the daVinci robotic technology became a well established surgical approach given the precision, flexibility and dexterity of the robotic platform. Multiple uterine fibroids can be resected utilizing small diameter instruments placed via small incisions in the abdominal wall. Following a resection of all fibroids the uterine wall has to be reconstructed which requires complex suturing. The robotic platform is an excellent tool to perform the most precise and complex suturing in the pelvic and abdominal area.

Benefits of daVinci Surgery

The daVinci Technology relies on robotically- enabled system which given the surgeon the option to operate with an extraordinary precision secondary to many advanced technological characteristics which include the following:
A 3D HD view inside your body
Wristed instruments that bend and rotate far greater than the human hand up to 540 degress
Enhanced vision, precision and control since the image is 10 x magnified

The da Vinci Myomectomy ( Fibroid Resection ) offers the following potential benefits compared to open surgery:
*Shorter hospital stay
*Less blood loss and less chance for transfusion
*Less likelihood of a post-operative complications including infection and bleeding

The da Vinci Myomectomy offers the following potential benefits when compared with traditional laparoscopic surgery:
*Less blood loss4
*Better access to more intricate areas in the pelvic area
*More accurate visualization of operative field
*Enables more complicated procedures since the surgeon does not get tired as much as by using laparoscopic instruments

uterine fibroids
daVinci robot console

At the daVinci Console performing minimally invasive gynecological surgery

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