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Over the years extensive experience in various surgical procedures and techniques in pelvic and reconstructive surgery was accumulated. Our expertise enables us to provide a tailored treatment with regards to minimally invasive gynecologic such as daVinci Hysterectomy, daVinci Myomectomy, daVinci Endometriosis Resection, Pelvic Pain Management, Benign Adnexal Masses, Adhesive Disease, Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding procedures, and pelvic reconstructive procedures. 

We listen carefully to every patient's desire to accomplish the most satisfactory  outcome



For more information please refer to the About Us ,  REALSELF and RECONSTRUCTIVE GYNECOLOGY  pages. We provide a thorough  in office consultation and individualized approach for every patient. Most procedures are performed in a hospital setting.

Most procedures are performed in a hospital setting, occasionally in an office setting.

daVinci surgeries are performed at Saint Joseph's Hospital and at Rush University Hospital. Other procedures, including cosmetic gynecology are performed in a hospital setting. 

All Vaginoplasties and most Labiaplasty procedures are only performed in a hospital under anesthesia.

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