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Hood Reduction 

The surgical procedure is  frequently performed to expose covered clitoral area by a prepuce (a skin fold covering the clitoris). The skin fold is also called clitoral hood or clitoral foreskin; therefore clitoral hoodectomy.
The reductive hoodoplasty is a surgery which is performed to decrease the excessive skin of the clitoral prepucial tissue or to reduce the uneven thickness of the clitoral hood. A careful technique is used to preserve the neurological function of the structure. The procedure is usually performed in conjunction with the labiaplasty procedure and is discussed in details prior to a labiaplasty.

When is Clitoral Hood Reduction Considered? ?

There is not an absolute indication or requirement to perform the procedure. Frequently, women are not satisfied with the overall appearance of the labia and the tissue overlying the clitoris. When the labia in enlarged so is very often the area above it, which includes the clitoral hood and the tissue lateral to it. In order to provide a symmetric appearance of the vulva after a labiaplasty procedure, the clitoral hood needs to be reduced as well.

clitoris hood reduction

Do I need a Clitoral Hood Reduction with Labiaplasty?

Clitoral Hood Reduction is usually discussed during an office evaluation for labiaplasty since it is a part of the anatomical area to be operated on. If there is any excess or asymmetry seen, the procedure is frequently recommended. After thorough discussion, a decision is undertaken as to an exact extend of the surgery.

What type of side effects are associated with the procedure ?

If performed by an experienced gynecologic surgeon, clitoral hood reduction should not be have any side effects except minor bleeding or swelling which are considered to be normal after any type of procedure. Occasionally, there could be temporary loss of sensation due to swelling or undissolved sutures.


Is the recovery longer if labiaplasty performed with clitoral hood reduction?

The recovery time should not be prolonged but there could be more swelling given a more extensive procedure.  

What is a Clitoropexy?

Clitoropexy is a procedure, which consists of high horizontal incision above the clitoris, followed by placement of sutures leading to elevation of clitoral hood tissue. If the excess of tissue is very significant, it  may not entirely reduce the size of the hood and the clitoris.

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